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Care Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Intraocular Lenses and Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals, with lenses implanted globally, across countries.


Advanced IOL technologies to help you deliver excellent outcomes for your patients.


Why trust anything less than the best in optic design? Discover the best in IOLs & implants.


Powered by our passion for a spectacle free vision and innovating the ophthalmic world.

Research & Development

Scientific innovation drives progress and curious minds discover new solutions that were once only imagined. It is the foundation for all our products and services.

We generate new insights, invest deeply in R&D, and collaborate with scientists around the world. To achieve our goal of providing a spectacle free vision, we collaborate with the brightest around the world, gaining insights from patients and clinicians, and translating those insights into improvements in products, patient care, and ultimately life itself.

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