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Providing Spectacle-Free Vision.

We marvel at the magic of our eyes, yet we are acutely aware there are many who do not fully experience the wonder of this gift. Nearly 285 million people around the world face impaired vision, and 80% of those cases are preventable with early diagnosis and treatment. We are committed to changing these statistics.

About Care Group

Care Group was founded in 1987 with an intent to manufacture and market Intraocular lenses and ophthalmic surgical products in Vadodara, India. Since then we have become a significant participant in the global ophthalmology industry. This is grounded in cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough technology, transforming the way eye diseases and conditions are treated. We offer a broad spectrum of eye care products and are driven by societal needs for high-quality products at affordable prices; as a result of which, our products are well recognized and used by leading eye care institutions and ophthalmologists in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Care Group continues to set new standards in eye care through its commitment to developing new and innovative products and technologies to address unmet eye care needs around the world. Patients are at the center of everything we do and at the heart of our commitment to helping people see better. This is seen in our unique research and development process, as well as our high standards for manufacturing. All our products are manufactured on efficient production lines with strict quality assurance measures that comply with WHO norms.

Mission & Vision

Care Group is dedicated to bringing a spectacle-free vision to people around the globe.
Care Group has brought many innovative ideas, products and services to improve the health and well-being of people across the globe. The company today is organized into three business segments: Medical Devices, Equipments and Pharmaceuticals. Our aim is to enhance the performance and meet the constantly evolving requirements of the ophthalmic world to improve the ophthalmic health.



To provide perfect vision for the global society and help people see better, connect better & live better.



Bringing science and sense of sight to life and provide affordable care for creating spectacle free vision.

Research and development

We've never slowed in our search for new materials, new formulations and fresh ways to bring people clearer vision, more comfort, and healthier eyes.

Today, millions of people enjoy new levels of vision, comfort, freedom and performance, with our patented, advanced comfort technologies such as TRIDIFF, ACRIOL, IPCL etc.

Our Facilities

Our state of the Art manufacturing facility spread over an area of of 1,00,000 sq.ft. It has World class Machinery & Equipment to develop the products. See how we push the boundaries of health and technology to enhance, improve and restore vision.

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