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Science-based innovation

We believe innovation that produces breakthrough medicines and products will be more important than ever in the healthcare industry in the coming years. We maintain substantial investment in research and de­­velopment (R&D) aimed at areas of unmet medical need. Our product pipeline is fed by a research and development approach that uses the latest science to advance the most promising projects.

Our research strategy aims to increase collaboration across traditional scientific and organizational boundaries, and focus on powerful new technologies that have the potential to help produce therapeutic breakthroughs. In drug development, we pursue promising therapies where we can leverage the scale and expertise of Novartis to bring important treatments to patients globally.

Latest Innovations
Growing areas of ophthalmology

We aim to develop innovative products in growing areas of eyecare where we can make a real difference. We focus on patented products, generic solutions and eye care – segments where we have the innovation power and global scale necessary to compete effectively. At the same time, we are expanding our presence in the emerging markets of Asia, Europe and US, where there is fast-growing demand for access to high- quality medicines and eyecare. In the past years we've innovated and patented products like TRIDIFF, ACRIOL, IPCL and many more.

Better patient outcomes

We seek to develop products and ophthalmic solutions that can produce positive real-world outcomes for patients and eyecare providers. The benefits can range from improving the cost-­effectiveness of high-quality care to pro­longing lives. We are developing services and technol­o­gies to augment the benefits of our core products, often in collaboration with eyecare providers and technology companies.

We work closely with healthcare professionals around the world to understand unmet needs and design programs to support their efforts.

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Our vision is to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine. A big part of gaining this trust is being transparent – being open and clearly disclosing what we do, how we work and where we are successful.

We aim for sustainable performance over time to benefit patients.

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