IDIFF PLUS (Multifocal)

iDiff Plus Aspheric IOL

Peripheral and central light rays converge on the retina

- It is neutral to the cornea, thus suitable for majority of patients regardless of corneal shape.
- Performance is unaffected by optic misalignment or pupil decentration.
- Aspheric optic provides improved visual quality for the patients.
- iDIFF plus is the only IOL, with optimized Q value for each diopter.

Aspheric design of iDIFF plus IOL reduces spherical aberrations to provide improved image quality.

Predictable refractive outcome

Each lens is accompanied by Power Map & MTF graph of near & far focus

- Ensures Predictable - Post-Operative refractive results.
- RNI - Relative Near Intensity: 60/40 % for far and near respectively.

Provides improved visual quality by reducing reflected glare

- iDIFF Plus material and 3600 square edge design reduces LEC proliferation compared to other foldable IOLs.
- Edge thickness corresponds to standard designed IOLs.
- Perfect centration in the capsular bag
- Perfect optical performance
- Extremely low incidence of PCO
- Haptic design provides defense against Z effect

Technical Specifications