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Scientific Innovation is the foundation for all our products and R&D.

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Scientific innovation drives progress and curious minds discover new solutions that were once only imagined.

We believe Care Group is well prepared for a world with a growing, aging population and continuously evolving eyecare needs. We have a clear mission, focused strategy and strong culture, all of which we expect will support the creation of value over the long term for our company and the society. We aim for sustainable performance over time to benefit patients, employees and the society.

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Our strategy is to use science-based innovation to deliver better patient outcomes in growing areas of eyecare.

Our New Innovations

Vision-Enhancing Innovation.
Transforming the way people see for over 30 years.

We've never slowed in our search for new materials, new formulations and fresh ways to bring people clearer vision, more comfort, and healthier eyes.
Today, millions of people enjoy new levels of vision, comfort, freedom and performance, with our patented, advanced comfort technologies such as TRIDIFF, ACRIOL, IPCL etc.

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