MICRIOL PLUS (Monofocal)


Material - Acrylic
Optic Size - 6.00 mm
Overall Length - 11.00 mm
A Constant - 118.20
Optic Configuration - Bi Convex with Aspheric
Refractive Index - 1.467
Water Content - 25%
UV Blocking - 390 mm


- Aberration Neutral Optic
- Micriol plus is single piece lens with 4 haptics to provide wider angle of equatorial contact and more reliable centration in each   case.
- The shape of Micriol Plus is designed to maximize occupation of the capsular bag while adapting to capsular contraction forces   thus providing long lasting refractive result.
- Can be implemented through a sub 2 mm incision which means fast healing and low risk.
- Designed using State of the art ray tracing technology.
- Reduces chromatic aberration.
- Doctors have observed a level of accommodation 8 months post operative. This is attributed to the material coupled with design   and thickness of the lens.
- Lens material is such that it gives controlled and smooth unfolding. Better memory ensures that the bag remains distend.
- 360 deg. SE and good posterior capsular contact helps prevent PCO.
- Anti Z effect haptic design.