Crossing the bar of performance, providing best contrast sensitivity and improved functional vision

Solving the issue of Spherical Aberration, the Ultima Natural gives feel good vision

Material Specification

Material - Yellow Acrylic
Refractive Index - 1.465
UV & HB - 440 nm
Water Content - 26%


Optic Type - Biconvex
*A Constant - 118.0
Angulations - 0

*These Values are estimates only. It is recommended that the surgeon derives his/her own values based on individual clinical experience.

The light yellow chromospheres in ULTIMA Natural filters high energy blue light and protects the retina.


- Neo-L, patient identification card, professional information leaflet, patient record labels.
- Includes one disposable injector & cartridge.
- Innovative design by a team of dedicated experts
- A dedicated explanation of product for doctors & patients.
- Expert customer care services.
- Solve the issue of focal depth giving better results in near vision too.
- Clearer, Crispier & Sharper image formation.