Optic profile ensures clear vision.


Proprietary Hydrophilic Acrylic material with yellow tint mimics to the adult natural lens.

Manufacturing Process

Optimized manufacturing process to ensure predictable outcome. Consistent repeatability, optimum flexibility, superior surface quality, true square edge with minimal edge radius, power accuracy, asphericity.


Ensures perfect stability inside the capsular bag, lowering incidence of PCO.

Diopter: Radial Cylinder Profile & Power: Combined (Toric) View Radial Profile


- Patient identification card, professional information leaflet, patient record labels.
- Includes one disposable injector & cartridge.
- Innovative design by a team of dedicated experts.
- Unique & patented design, ensures treating astigmatism with confidence & ease.
- Expert customer care services.
- Professional practice development manager offering counselor training expertise.
- Solves the issue of focal depth giving better results in near vision too.
- Clearer, crispier & sharper image information.
- Astigmatism free, perfect quality of vision for your valuable patient.


- Customized optic size & overall length for each patient.
- Ensures predictable refractive outcome.
- Optimized negative asphericity for each diopter.
- Plate haptic design with anti-rotational haptic pads.
- Optimized ELP design based on axial length, capsular bag size & ACD.

Technical Specifications